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Main Content: Partners AiTS recognizes that in order to deliver the integrated IT solutions, required by public sector clients quickly and cost effectively, we must enter into alliances with business partners whose skills and experience complement our own.  SSI is an AiTS partner.Native American Capital, LP (NAC): NAC provides venture capital and development services to Indian Country.  NAC's primary mission is to raise venture capital funds and invest them in start-up, early stage, and other business in Indian Country, an dto provide technical assistance and support to help these businesses grow and prosper.  NAC has received a "Native American Component Technical Assistance (NACTA)" grant award and certification as a "Community Development Entity (CDE)" from the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFT) of the US Department of the Treasury to complete its start-up and other organizational activities and to support the raising of a first round of funds.  NAC has also applied for an allotment of New Market Tax Credits (NMTCs) from the CDFI Fund, which provide up to 39 percent in federal income tax credits to qualified investors in CDEs.  Aspen Systems Corporation: Aspen has more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of research design, implementation, and analysis.  Their behavioral, social, and health scientists, together with a team of sampling statisticians, survey specialists, and data analysts, over a broad range of experience that includes literate review, and research synthesis, quantitative study interviews, focus groups, program evaluation, and database management.  Click Next Page buttonsubhead title: PartnersSwitch to Print Friendly version

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