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Main Content: Partners Abt Associates:  Abt Associates applies rigorous research and consulting techniques to a wide range of issues in social and economic policy, international development, business research and consulting and clinical trials and registries.  Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.: MPR is known for its high quality, objective research to support decisions about our nation's most pressing social policy problems.  The firm has conducted some of the most important studies of health care, welfare, education, employment, nutrition, and early childhood policies and programs in the United States.  Its research, which crisscrosses the human life span from children's health and welfare to long-term care for elderly people, provides a sound foundation for decisions that affect the well-being of Americans. The Urban Institute:  The Urban Institute got its start in 1968 as the brain-child of a blue-ribbon panel set up by President Lyndon Johnson to monitor and evaluate Great Society Initatives.  Today, the Urban Institute measures effects, compares options, shows which stakeholders get the most and least, tests conventional wisdom, reveals trends, and makes costs, benefits, and risks explicit.Click Next Page buttonsubhead title: PartnersSwitch to Print Friendly version

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